Benny’s adventure today

I brought Benny to his favorite rehab today. We started his hour with room visits and that was nice. But then we were walking through the hall and a therapist stopped us to interact with her client. That was a beautiful moment and sometimes a moment is enough. But then the day just got better and better. We went into the gym and Benny worked the room as he always does. And THEN we knew why we were there today. A young woman was in one of the therapy rooms and we went in to say hello. Who knew magic was about to occur? We wound up spending another half an hour working with this one person and her therapist and then went into the lobby to wait for their ride. In just this short period of time Benny formed a deep affection for her and they both took a nap while waiting. And when the van arrived, Benny kept looking back as if he didn’t want her to go. We will see her again and Benny will be so happy. The young woman even smiled and touched his paw and said his name – which is huge.