One dog, one man, many goals

Benny just loves working in the gym. We begin working with the occupational therapist. Today’s activity was the grasping and pinching motion. We had the client begin by just holding Benny’s toe with his challenged hand. The slight pressure of holding on to the little dog’s foot was what was needed. At one point Benny felt tickled and moved his little paw the slightest, but the client was able to hold on to him – yeh! Then we worked on the pinching motion and the client unclipped Benny’s vest. This was more difficult but the task was achieved. All the while Benny was calm and still and oh so happy. At one point while the client was trying so hard to work the vest buckle, Benny gently licked his elbow as if to say, You got this!

We worked with several brush styles and other tools we bring with us. But the most important “tool” Benny brings is his spirit and motivation.

Then we work with the physical therapist. Benny is in front of the client as he walks a few steps and we keep backing the dog up so he walks further and further. In this case the reward for both human and dog is the ride on his lap back to the gym!