Why we volunteer on the holiday

There are no clients scheduled in the rehab gym today so Benny really does not have to go in to work!

But he woke up, knowing it is Monday, and wants to go to work. So he will go visit with the in-patients in their rooms and spend time with the wonderful staff. On holidays such as today, it is especially important to visit with those who have to work, so Benny will too. The staff and medical personnel at his Monday morning facility love him and I know he will brighten their day. And those patients who are spending the holiday in a hospital will especially like this happy face popping into their room.

And this afternoon we were told we were not expected to volunteer where Petey goes on Mondays. But he too will visit with the in-patients and staff. He is often the only visitor to this special unit, so we know today his presence will make a difference in their day.