Last CES appearance

We arrived at the Venetian and Benny insisted on having his picture taken in the lobby!

Then we walked to the elevator and we were stopped by people who said “Didn’t we see you at CES on Monday with a Shepherd?” Then a few steps later someone said “Weren’t you with a Lab the other night?”

We can’t believe at a convention with hundreds of thousands of attendees we saw the same people and they remembered the Love Dogs!

Then one woman saw Petey and grabbed her friend and said “That’s the tiny dog I told you about!”

It took us over half an hour to make our way up to our location! Both Benny and Petey stopped traffic as they wound their way through the crowds.

After a while Benny was taken home and Dash arrived and the excitement began again. We walked through the lobby, passed the long lines at the elevators and made our way to our sponsor’s location.

Thank you to Cognitive Systems / Aura for inviting us to join your team.