About Us

Pet Partners of Las Vegas affiliate chapterWHO IS PET PARTNERS (formerly known as Delta Society)?

Pet Partners is a not-for-profit human-services organization dedicated to improving people’s health and wellbeing, through positive interactions with animals. For over thirty years they went by the name Delta Society Pet Partners and in 2011 formally changed their name to simply Pet Partners.

At the heart of all Pet Partners programs is a research foundation which demonstrates that when animals are around, people’s blood pressure goes down, stress and anxiety levels are reduced, people feel less lonely and less depressed, and they tend to be more social and community oriented. Pet Partners was the first to identify the criteria for Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA) versus Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT). And continues to set the standard.

The Pet Partners program was established to ensure that “both ends of the leash,” people as well as animals, were well-prepared to participate in animal-assisted activity and animal-assisted therapy programs. Pet Partners is the only national registry that requires volunteer training and screening of animal-handler teams and re-evaluation every two years to ensure quality control.  Over 15,000 handler/animal teams are currently registered with Pet Partners across fourteen countries, each team having gone through rigorous and extensive training by a licensed Pet Partners Instructor and tested by a licensed Pet Partners Evaluator.

Love Dog Adventures Pet Partners of Las Vegas affiliate chapterWHO IS LOVE DOG ADVENTURES?

Love Dog Adventures is the Pet Partners of Las Vegas affiliate chapter of the national organization. Founder and President,  Sue Grundfest, is a licensed Pet Partners Instructor and Evaluator and professional dog trainer. Sue evaluates dogs and cats for Pet Partners and created Love Dog Adventures to bring a Pet Partners-only AAA/AAT all-volunteer animal assisted therapy program to Las Vegas.

All of the handler/animal teams uphold the Pet Partners standard of excellence.

Each therapy handler and animal are re-tested every two years to ensure safety and suitability to continue to volunteer.

Love Dog Adventures creates unique, custom programs for a variety of environments and populations harnessing the healing power of pets in a therapeutic or educational setting.

And it all started with one fluffy poodle… watch the story of the Love Dogs.


For more information contact Sue at sue@lovedogadventures.com.

Love Dog Adventures is an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit organization