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FOX News:

The Love Dogs visited College of Southern Nevada, West Charleston campus, and KLAS-CBS 8 News Now covered the event

Love Dog Adventures on Telemundo

The Love Dogs were honored to have been chosen to participate in a program for Telemundo that aired nationally celebrating animal rescue and adoption and the benefits of having a pet.

Here is a basic translation of the piece:

Pets help better one’s cardiovascular health, physical health, and mental health. They are also very beneficial to the elderly who live alone. Petey’s life is very different than that of any other dog. (Here they use the word “Perrito” which is a term of endearment meaning a small or cute dog). Petey does not have any teeth and a very small lower jaw, and he can hardly hear or see. He spends his time as a therapy dog working with children and special people in hospitals, schools and other places that need him. His mission is to make people smile

“This program is very beneficial. It lowers blood pressure and relaxes the patients.” says the director of the behavioral department at Southern Hills Hospital. Petey is not the only one. The organization Love Dog Adventures also has Benny and several other teams visiting the unit.

Sue Grundfest says this about Benny, who has some special issues himself: “He may act a bit differently than other dogs but this is why so many people, especially children, relate to him. He tries and so do they.”

These are therapy dogs but your own pet can be beneficial to your health. Owning a pet increases activity over those who do not have any and this can add years to your life.
Recent studies have shown that those who walk their dogs are about 12% more active than non-dog owners, thus raising ones level of activity. It can reduce your health to that of someone ten years younger. Pets also reduce stress: Owning pets raises one’s levels of Serotonin, which helps with maintaining a good mood.)

In the meanwhile, Benny and Petey will continue to bring happiness to those who need it.

Love Dogs in the news again!

Channel 3 Las Vegas visited with the Love Dogs at UNLV and spent over an hour with us – couldn’t get enough dog!