Thank you Love Dogs (and cats!)

I want to give a shout out and great big thank you to all the Love Dogs teams who have donated over 400 hours of volunteerism since October 1. This recognizes those teams going to new places as well as those serving our established commitments.

Nothing is “normal” now so every visit is a challenge and we appreciate the great effort you have all been giving to heal our community.




Back to our regular work for the day!


Our presentation at PIMA went beautifully, thanks to Michele, Liza, Diane, Helen and all the dogs! Michele does such an excellent job of explaining how we harness the power of the animals into occupational therapy and we were able to demonstrate different modalities with the teams.

I know the students learned a lot, we learned a lot and the dogs had a great time!


The work goes on

When a crisis occurs, often everyday life stops. Everyone rushes to deal with that crisis. And this is important. But it is also important to continue to provide that normalcy for those we work with all year long. Our clients dealing with mental health, physical and cognitive issues need us even more now. As do the staffs. So while the Love Dogs have been fielding requests for therapy dogs at this difficult time, our concentration has been focusing on our established relationships. The schools, colleges, healthcare and other facilities that know and trust us, need us now more than ever. Their daily lives go on and the children and adults have ongoing needs and to miss a session with their therapy dogs is critical. So we have been proud to move forward as we continue to serve our existing clients.

Back to reality

On the way home from Fox 5, I saw several messages I had not checked. They were all from a facility where Benny visits weekly and it was asking if I could possibly bring him over asap. We have had to put many of our ongoing assignments on hold, but they are very important to us. I had to all her back and see what was happening. Yes, I had to bring Benny over tonight! We went over and for half an hour Benny was loved on and prayed over and I had time to reflect on everything. Who we are, and why we matter. All w ever need is to know that we matter. And through the beautiful leash Benny wears to volunteer, we mattered tonight.



UNLV College of Medicine – what a special visit

Last night we had five Love Dogs spend two hours with the students at the UNLV College of Medicine and it was life changing. These future doctors are right next door to UMC, the hospital where the most critical victims were taken. The students could not avoid the sirens, the press, the enormity of what had happened Sunday Night, and was watching their future as doctors before their very eyes.I do know our visit gave them some time to take a breath, relax, perhaps smile and relieve some stress … thank you everyone who came with us … more to come


UNLV College of Medicine needs a little medicine themselves!

Several; teams are going to the new UNLV College of Medicine today – we will e regular ongoing partners with the college but today is a special first visit with the students in light of the crisis.  We are so proud of all of our teams who have deployed to hospitals, schools, churches, police stations etc. to do whatever we can to help relieve the enormous stress of everyone at this time.

Fox 5 News needs a little Love too

Tomorrow we will have 12 dog teams and one cat team at Fox 5 News all day … They will come in shifts to help relieve the stress of the news teams and everyone else who has been covering this horrific event. They have all gone on with their work under extremely stressful conditions and need a little Love Dog medicine themselves!


More crisis assistance has to be done – the Love Dogs never stop

Today we deployed more therapy teams to several locations across Las Vegas. The college students we meet with all year got some special love today. Here is a lovely note we received after two visits today with UNLV:

“The University Libraries and I are so grateful to you and your team of volunteers for coming out and providing much needed love to our students. The event today was a huge success and students were really appreciative to have the opportunity to seek comfort with the Love Dogs. We are so fortunate that you are part of this community, and for the contributions your program makes throughout the valley. With appreciation and heartfelt thanks.”

Las Vegas terror – the power of the pets

The Las Vegas shooting brought out the worst in humanity and the best. The Love Dogs were able to bring some peace and comfort to many who were experiencing the enormity of the event. We spread teams across the valley to help college students, hospitals, etc. and will continue for as many days as we are asked. Thank you everyone for never saying no. More teams will be deployed tomorrow and for several days and we are the ones grateful for the opportunity to give back this way. We always knew the power of a furry hug, but today its value was ten-fold.

Most of our teams could not take photos but we thank them all and have several new teams going out into the field tomorrow.