Petey’s best visit

There are so many ways to communicate. Today Petey met someone who could not speak. But they communicated beautifully for a full hour through touch and signs and tears and laughs. Perhaps as the frustration of not being able to speak lessened, the joy for the little dog blossomed. Petey was so happy to be held and he was very happy to give soft kisses. Perhaps this was his most rewarding job of the week and no one said a word for the whole visit. But volumes of emotion were shared.

Next Free Orientation

Would you like to learn more about our animal assisted therapy program and how you too can be a part of it?

Attend the next Free Orientation on Sunday, August 20 at 11:00 am and bring your dog!

It will be held in Summerlin and you can sign up at – at that time you will be given the location and other instructions.

This Orientation is in preparation foe the next Handler Workshop in September.






Marley returns soon

Marley is one lucky dog! She gets to spend her summers away from the heat of Las Vegas and enjoy time with her family swimming and hiking, but she will return soon. We know the children in her partner school can’t wait to see her again. And her most special assignment (a secret!) is counting the days until her return. And it wouldn’t be a college visit without her.

See you soon Marley!

We say goodbye to KC

Love Dog Adventures has been in Las Vegas for over eight years now. One of the first volunteers to join the group was Sandy. She had two dogs at the time, Rocky and KC and both became outstanding therapy dogs. Over the years she adopted two more dogs and they too were wonderful therapy dogs. And Sandy’s fifth animal, her Thoroughbred horse Rygambo, was also a Pet Partner therapy animal!

Over the recent years, Rocky, Bingo and Rygambo passed away. Then Sandy moved from Nevada but always stayed in touch and shared the great work she was doing with her pets.

Today we learned the sad news that KC passed away. She was the most beautiful Shepherd mix and showed us all that a dog can be an agility champion as well as the best therapy dog!

Sandy has now lost four of her five Pet Partners animals … and her last little guy has retired. But I just know their legacy will live on and Sandy is hoping to work with a horse again.

Thank you Sandy for being here for the start of Love Dogs, and always being the very dearest friend.

Benefits of joining Love Dog Adventures

Love Dog Adventures is the Nevada Community Partner affiliate of Pet Partners and thus all teams are trained, tested and insured by Pet Partners. We have over 20 health care, educational and customized partners in Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City whereby we create the protocols for our teams and our anti-bully program travels from school to school. .

  • Discounted Pet Partners Registration fees
  • Complimentary Pet Partners Bandana for your pet
  • Complimentary Love Dog t-shirts and lanyards
  • Customized Trading Cards created for your pet (our signature take away)
  • Additional customized training to work in specific environments
  • Continuing education, shadowing and mentoring
  • Opportunity to be a part of a team and work alongside other teams
  • Opportunity to participate in Las Vegas College visits
  • Opportunity to participate in the Love Dog Anti-Bully initiative in the schools
  • Opportunity to participate in large events, conferences, conventions representing Pet Partners and Love Dogs
  • Participation in the Love Dog Story Time activity
  • Opportunity to work with populations and environments exclusive to Love Dogs

Next Free Orientations

We are hosting two Free Orientations to learn more about our Pet Partners / Love Dog therapy program:

  • Sunday July 30
  • Sunday August 6

Both at 11:00 am in Summerlin

If you would like to register and attend with your dog (or without) contact — she will then send you the location and instructions as to what to bring with you.






The Love Dogs love Gold’s Gym

The Love Dogs spent three days at the Gold’s Gym International Franchise Convention at the Mirage and had a blast. So many people came by our booth, sponsored by Precor, to meet the dogs and hear what they do when not attending big events!

We love participating with these events and have many more on the schedule so be on the lookout for photos. The teams who attend are very experienced Event Teams and everyone is impressed with the dogs and handlers!


Daisy at her best


One of the greatest strengths about our program is the attention and care we put into making the right matches of clients, facility, handler and animal. Today Daisy went on her first visit to the school we just knew would be a perfect fit. And it was. This is the feedback we received after the visit:

“So much to tell. I am so excited. One of the students had met Petey so I talked to her and told her Daisy was the same type of dog and that Daisy had come to see her and might be coming back. She was crying, afraid, but Daisy totally calmed her down and she was able to pet Daisy. After she pet Daisy she looked at me and said thank you – my heart melted – this is so incredible”

This is part of our Response to Intervention program and the most amazing teams bring about breakthrough after breakthrough.


One woman, one little dog

Today was a site visit to a new partner. Petey and I went to visit with just one person. Many people would ask why we would make time for one person. Well, let me tell you this is what animal-assisted therapy is really all about. In all my years doing this, today was the most rewarding hour ever spent. When you are living in a group home, not as mobile as you used to be, need care for everything, but your mind is as sharp as a tack – you miss your animals more than you could ever believe.

We will have dogs and cats visit with this client on an ongoing basis and as the tears flow, we will know how valuable our visits are.

I hope one day if I am in this situation, someone will bring a furry friend to remind me of the love of a pet.


Calling all small dogs!

Love Dog Adventures has several assignments where the smaller or smallest dogs do best and are hoping to graduate a several more within the next few months. We have training scholarship funding available and would love to meet you if you have a small dog (under 15 pounds) and time available during the week to volunteer.

We will be hosting several Free Orientations during the summer to prepare for the September course.

If you have such a dog and wish to investigate becoming a Love Dog team, contact asap!