More teams to meet at Petco on October 14

We will have five teams at Petco locations on October 14 … here is the lineup – please spread the word and come meet a Love Dog (or cat!) … we rarely participate in activities open to the public so this s a great opportunity to meet us.

Sue Grundfest Petey 10000 W. Sahara 89117 11:00 – 1:00
Kristy Albanese Roxy 631 Marks Street, Henderson Check with store
Tanya Wersin and Rita Martin Dallan (cat) 3890 Blue Diamond Road, LV 89139 12:00 – 2:00
Cathui Krsulich Willow 8495 W. Warm Springs Road 89113 12:30 – 2:30
Karen Stansfield Lucy 3577 S. Rainbow Blvd. 89103 12:00 – 2:00

Benny’s adventure today

I brought Benny to his favorite rehab today. We started his hour with room visits and that was nice. But then we were walking through the hall and a therapist stopped us to interact with her client. That was a beautiful moment and sometimes a moment is enough. But then the day just got better and better. We went into the gym and Benny worked the room as he always does. And THEN we knew why we were there today. A young woman was in one of the therapy rooms and we went in to say hello. Who knew magic was about to occur? We wound up spending another half an hour working with this one person and her therapist and then went into the lobby to wait for their ride. In just this short period of time Benny formed a deep affection for her and they both took a nap while waiting. And when the van arrived, Benny kept looking back as if he didn’t want her to go. We will see her again and Benny will be so happy. The young woman even smiled and touched his paw and said his name – which is huge.

New Pet Partners Billboard

LAMAR advertising has again agreed to donate unsold digital billboard space to Pet Partners for a promotional campaign.  They were asked to lend their voice to efforts to have more shelter animals adopted and agreed. LAMAR selects the markets and Las Vegas was included this time.  How exciting for Las Vegas!

If you happen to see this beautiful billboard try to safely take a photo for us!

If I learn the exact location(s) I will share that as well.





One tiny dog, one big moment

When we walked into the senior unit today I was surprised and delighted to see several people waiting for us. Sometimes we only visit with one person, but today we had six who wanted to meet Petey. This is a mental health environment so we never know what we will encounter or what the tiny dog will do. One person was reaching out her hands to grab the dog as she wanted to hold him. I assessed right away that this would not be safe for Petey so I explained that I had to hold him but she could pet him. She was not terribly on board for this assisted hold stuff so I sat down next to her with Petey on my lap so she could see him. As we spoke with other people, she was watching him closely and I could see she had relaxed and calmed down quite a bit. Others started petting him and she said she missed her small dogs. As I could see she was steadier now, I asked if she would like to see something really cool Petey learned … his touch commands. She listened to me carefully as I instructed her to put her hands on the sides of her so I could put Petey on his blanket on her lap. I told her he would turn around to face out and if she touched his tail gently, he would sit! Well she did … and he did! Now we had her full attention so I had her touch his shoulder and he laid down! Petey was safe on her lap with me very close by, she was happy to have the little dog on her lap and she was no longer agitated and flailing her arms. Our staff liaison said this was the best day ever!

Two new Love Dogs

We are thrilled to have two new Love Dogs today … Angel and Loki passed their Pet Partners evaluations with flying colors.

Loki was a renewal test and moved to Las Vegas recently. She is our first Boxer on the team and works in a children’s hospital. Aren’t we, and they, lucky to have her? She is calm and gentle and just the most wonderful girl.

Angel passed her first evaluation and will begin volunteering in several facilities working with seniors and people living with mental health issues. She reminds me a lot of the original Love Dog, Coco – the sweetest nature and amazing eyes.

Congratulations to all!

Schools schools schools!

All our partner schools have resumed programming but we are still getting calls for more schools to join our roster! We will try our best to accommodate every request but since we customize every program, it could take into next semester to bring a new school on board. Some schools we create reading programs, or one-on-one interventions or visit with larger groups for our anti-bully initiative. One group waited almost a year for us so we just keep moving on!



Another Petco Helping Dog

More news about Petco’s “Meet a Helping Hero” On October 14 – Kristy and Roxy will be at the Petco at 631 Marks Street in Henderson. We should learn their time slot soon.

As we confirm other appearances we will share that information with everyone. Please mark your calendars and visit the Love Dogs (and cats!) that day so we know we reached as many people as possible with their message of Helping Others.



Kobe is a Love Dog

Meet Kobe – our newest Love Dog. He is a senior fella, blind and deaf, and the most amazing Italian Greyhound He and his handler, Leslie, will focus on schools and group events and wherever people need a little extra motivation and inspiration.

Petco “Meet a Helping Hero” event

Be on the lookout on October 14 for Love Dog teams to be at various Petco locations throughout the valley. The Petco Foundation is hosting “Meet a Helping Hero” at their stores and we have several Love Dogs participating.

From 11;00 – 1:00 pm Petey will be at the Petco on W. Sahara and Hualapai greeting everyone and sharing his work as a therapy dog as a representative of Pet Partners for the “Meet a Helping Hero” event. . Please stop by to meet us.

When we learn which Petco location our other Love Dogs (and cats!) will be at that day, we will let you know.


Touro University visit

We had the most impactful visit with the first year occupational therapy students at Touro University today. They were conducting a study on the efficacy of animal assisted interventions and students during exam time. We were thrilled to be part of their research. Thank you Jeanne & Ace, Teri & Bentley, Leslie & Dash, Kristy & Roxy and Petey for making such a difference today.