Attend a Free Orientation on Sunday

There is room for one more interested team to come to the Free Orientation this Sunday June 4 at 11:00 am in Summerlin! Learn more about who we are and what we do and how YOU could become part of the program. Contact if you wish to attend. This group will take the July 9 Pet Partners Handler Workshop … the next Workshop won’t be until the fall!


Jacob attended the last Orientation and is now preparing to take his evaluation test with his handler … let’s wish them, great luck!

The next Handler Workshop

We are adding a summer Pet Partners Handler Workshop to the schedule on Sunday, July 9. This is the required day spent without your own pets to fully understand how we handle our animals and work with the public.

If you want more information about this course, or to meet for the next Free Orientation (June 4 at 11:00 am in Summerlin), contact


We say goodbye to Atlas

Atlas left us today. He was only four years old.

He spent his first year of life with his front legs in casts. Then he survived medical procedure after procedure. But he was always smiling. Despite the odds, he became a therapy, the truest Love Dog. Sometimes when working with children at a therapy center, he would just lie on the mat motivating the kids to try something, just try it. Yes, it hurt but be brave like me.

His greatest achievement was working with one little boy who at first was afraid of dogs. But the bond developed and trust grew and Atlas changed this now a young man’s life.

Atlas was huge but fragile – huge but so gentle.

Atlas was a strong spirit – a sweet dog – a brave dog.

We say goodbye to Atlas but will never forget him.


Become a Love Dog therapy team

Summer is coming and it’s not too soon to start thinking about becoming a therapy team in time for the fall when the heat is over and schools and other assignments and events resume.

The next two Pet Partners Handler Workshops will be July 9 and then September 24 – this gives new teams lots of time to prepare over the summer.

If you are interested in meeting and learning more about our program contact The next official Free Orientation is scheduled for May 21 at 10:00 am but we are flexible and try to schedule private sessions as well. This is Willow at her Orientation and now she works with a school reading program and in a health rehab facility


Story Time takes a summer break

Today the children read with their favorite Love Dogs and wished them a great summer. Our Story Time program is much more than reading – it brings together the children who are clients at the therapy center and the therapy dogs to love, learn and relate to. It is considered part of our Animal Assisted Therapy and Education program and you just never know what will happen – a breakthrough perhaps!


The Love Dogs visit UNLV – again!

Twice each year at exam time the Love Dogs visit with the students at UNLV in the Lied Library. The event has grown in popularity over the years and it is a prime offering of the school to enrich the students (and faculty / staff!)

Here are just a few photos from today’s visit – we will return tomorrow for another session – not sure who enjoys it the most – the students or the dogs!

Love Dog fundraiser a huge success

Our annual fundraiser was quite the success! We had an outstanding turnout and everyone enjoyed meeting our volunteers and Love Dogs and sharing the afternoon with us. Here are just a few photos from the day – everyone’s generosity will now allow us to continue serving the community and putting a book, bookmark, bracelet in every little hand we meet!

Read with the Love Dogs

Denise Valdez of 8 News Now spent the morning with the Love Dogs at Edith Garehime Elementary School to learn about our reading program. This is our seventh year with the first graders at Garehime and every other week we spend half an hour learning “everything” dog and then the remainder of the class reading with the dogs. Everyone benefits – the students, the handlers and especially the dogs!

Thank you to our Board

A therapy program does not run itself, and certainly a non-profit doesn’t. Without our Board of Directors we could not move forward as we have. This past year we have bestowed scholarships, expanded our presence with existing partnerships and formed new ones. We have renewed all of our teams and welcomed additional dog and cat teams. And we have strategized how we utilize our funds and how we are determined to maintain the standard of excellence of our national program Pet Partners. We have never been about quantity but always about the quality of our therapy teams and the service we provide to the community. And that remains our guiding mission.

Thank you Diane, Leslie, Lindsay and Susan for joining me on this extraordinary journey and making it all happen!