Our newest project

At our April 30 fundraiser we will be unveiling our newest, most exciting Love Dog project – our books!

The first book is “Petey Gets a New Family” and all the children who meet Petey will be able to have his story to read over and over.

The second book “Meet the Love Dogs” is a compilation of 24 of our teams and the second volume is already in the works!

The sale of the books will enable Love Dogs to provide even more to those we serve – and allow us to put a book in every child’s hand! Love Dogs has also bestowed eleven scholarships for training and will be able to provide even more funding for those who will make great therapy teams but need a little financial assistance.

The Petey book is $10 and Meet the Love Dogs is $15 so join us on April 30 and buy a book and support us in this rewarding way!

The best surprise

Sometimes a visit just takes a different turn, even if you have been going to the same place for years. One day Petey was working with his favorite clients and a woman was very quiet sitting by herself in the corner. Every now and then she would interject something into the discussion, but mostly was somewhat agitated and off by herself. She was scribbling in her notebook but we couldn’t see what she was writing.

Then all of a sudden she showed us the picture she was drawing. Petey! Petey with all his personality, walking on his blanket, looking right at her! Posing for her!

What a great surprise and amazing day.


The Pet Partner evaluation

Dash, a Complex team

The Pet Partners evaluation is conducted in a space the team has never been before, with volunteers they have never met and a neutral dog they have not met … and it must be done indoors – all to truly simulate a visit and see how the team responds to the newness of any setting; much of the test is role playing and we want to observe the team going through the paces of different kinds of visits and see how they interact with the Evaluator and volunteers. They will test with an Evaluator they have not met before as well to provide objectivity. Both handler and animal are scored and the handler score supersedes the animal’s score as it is the human end of the leash we count on to provide a safe, happy therapy experience.

The Pet Partners evaluation has four scores:

Complex – the highest level and many facilities require Complex level teams as their standard

Predictable – just what it says – you passed the test and can be registered and can have the goal of becoming a Complex team in the future – most teams pass Predictable and do a great job as therapy teams

Not Ready – just that – you have great potential but didn’t pass all the elements and can test again

Not Appropriate for Visiting – you are not deemed appropriate for visiting and cannot retest with this program





A Way with Animals …

What does it mean to have “a way with animals?” It is difficult to describe but when Pierre met Benny and Petey for the first time, both dogs behaved in new ways. Benny usually takes a little while to warm up to someone in his home and he clings to me. But right away Benny wanted to sit very close to Pierre and look right into his eyes. And then he kissed his arm! I got up to get something, and Benny did not follow me, which he usually does. He cuddled in with his new friend and never looked for me.

Petey decided this new man had the perfect lap for a nap! He bundled up in his blanket and fell fast asleep – this is his highest compliment – if he sleeps in your arms, that’s his way of trusting you.

So both Benny and Petey exhibited amazing behaviors when they met Pierre for the first time … this young man definitely has a “way with animals.”

Petey and Benny made a new friend

Tonight we had the joy of meeting the person who is doing the animation for the Petey and Benny characters for the new cartoon Odof the Hungry. Pierre is a talented young man who moved to Las Vegas to work on this television show. He had never met the real dogs, but worked from their videos. It was love at first sight when my boys met Pierre. Something about this young man just resonated with my dogs and they totally bonded with him. We will have many more times together as he now begins animating Benny … thank you Pierre for not only capturing the true heart and soul of my Petey on film, but showing both Petey and Benny such great care and love tonight.

Odof the Hungry cartoon

Almost two years ago we were asked to participate in a new animated television show being produced here in Las Vegas callede Odof the Hungry. They wanted Petey to be the pet of a little boy who comes to earth from outer space. Because who looks more alien than Petey! We have been involved with the development of the show and just today I saw Petey’s animated character moving! You can follow the show’s progress at https://www.facebook.com/odofthehungry/?ref=hl

New Love Dog Supporter – Rover.com

As you may remember, Benny worked with Rover.com at the CES convention in Las Vegas and they made us an offer we couldn’t refuse!

Whether you need in-home dog boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, or day care, Rover connects pet parents with people who’ll treat their dogs like family. And with over 92% of the population living within a short drive of one of the 65,000 sitters who’ve listed their services on Rover, it’s easy to find someone you and your dog will love.

Love Dog Adventures is now one of the charities their sitters can choose from to donate to … we are proud to be associated with this company.

So when you need dog walks or boarding or other pet sitting services in Las Vegas , think of Rover.com and you will also be helping Love Dogs!

Here is the link that will go straight to our Las Vegas page: https://www.rover.com/las-vegas–nv–dog-boarding/


They are learning so fast!

Today’s classes were amazing.

Zoey perfected her Down Stay and Willow learned how to do an assisted hold.

Elsa was the best loose leash walker and Daisy taught everyone else how to behave!

Abby smiled for the camera and Monkie impressed everyone with her eagerness to learn.

We celebrate Tucker

Sometimes you meet a dog and just know they were meant to be a Love Dog. They may not work as long as other dogs, but their impact is palpable. Tucker is such a dog. He retired from therapy work this year but our memories are so powerful.

People still ask “Where’s Tucker” and are disappointed when we tell them he is resting in the sun enjoying his days as a beloved pet! Tucker and his dog and human family are the best and we just want them to know we are thinking of them.

There are hundreds of photos of Tucker at Work and I only hope these few represent his heart and soul.