We celebrate Tucker

Sometimes you meet a dog and just know they were meant to be a Love Dog. They may not work as long as other dogs, but their impact is palpable. Tucker is such a dog. He retired from therapy work this year but our memories are so powerful.

People still ask “Where’s Tucker” and are disappointed when we tell them he is resting in the sun enjoying his days as a beloved pet! Tucker and his dog and human family are the best and we just want them to know we are thinking of them.

There are hundreds of photos of Tucker at Work and I only hope these few represent his heart and soul.



One of our neighbor dentists, Dr. Dee, has started a giving program to support local charities and the public votes for the recipient of $1,500. Love Dog Adventures is up for this award and we want everyone to please vote for us … voting ends March 26 and you can check off our box every day until then!

Please spread the word – $1,500 goes a long way for the Love Dogs and there is so much more we can do for Las Vegas through the healing power of our animals.



Thank you,


Sue, Diane, Leslie, Lindsay and Susan

Love Dog Fundraiser is Around the Corner

Before you know it, our annual Love Dog Fundraiser will be here:

WHEN: Sunday, April 30, 2017 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm

WHERE: Siena Golf Club Bistro

WHY: Support the Love Dog animal therapy program and our outreach to the community

HOW: Your donation on this site of $15.00 or more per adult gains entry to the event and one (1) free raffle ticket – just click on Donate Now

All proceeds go directly to Love Dog Adventures and is tax deductible – for more information contact sue@lovedogadventures.org




How to read to a dog

The Love Dogs who participate in our reading programs truly love to read!  They look at the books and listen to the children and some can even turn the pages!

The handlers know how to engage the children whether they are reading themselves or being read to.  The children help each other and learn so much more than how to read.

They learn how to share, help each other, be kind to the dogs and one another, be gentle and patient, be excited about learning new things and to just love.

Thank you to all our teams that participate in our various reading programs for making such a difference each and every time.

Next Free Pet Partners Orientation

The next Free Pet Partners / Love Dogs Orientation will be on Sunday, February 12 at 10:00 am in Summerlin. If you would like to learn more about our program, contact sue@lovedogadventures,org and sign up for this Orientation. This is your first step to becoming part of the Love Dog therapy team … and prepares you for the Handler Workshop.

And if you need some solid basic obedience under your belt … a new three-week Express class begins at the end of February – contact sue@lovedogadventures.org for this schedule as well.

The journey begins

Our Handler Workshop was so much fun and the students got to meet three very different dogs.

Dash, an Italian Greyhound, proved that the best therapy dogs don’t have to be fluffy! Phoenix, a German Shepherd mix, showed us that a very large dog can instill confidence. And Petey, the smallest dog, made a brief appearance to demonstrate tiny dog handling.

Good luck everyone!



Another new pilot program

Benny being loved

What a busy week! Preparing for Sunday’s Pet Partner Handler Workshop and starting several teams off on their new assignments. We also have a new job for Benny tomorrow with his favorite age group – teens! We are piloting a new initiative with this facility and looking forward to seeing where this takes us. You never know when starting out what protocol would work best, which dogs, which handlers, what we want them to do … but Benny is always a great team player and will go with the flow whatever is asked of us!

A most special visit

The Love Dogs work with several very confidential populations and environments and this week we were asked to visit with the staff that do these most stressful jobs. We had six teams there in two rooms for employees to take a break with and it was an amazing visit. We will continue this at several locations throughout the year.

At one point during our visit yesterday we were asked if one dog could visit those staffers who could not leave their offices for the event. Benny was so happy to do this and perhaps this was the greatest part of our visit! These people take their jobs very seriously and to even stop for a moment to hug Ben made their day less stressful.

Join our team

Can you believe it? We already just booked something for February 2018!
The next Pet Partners Handler Workshop will probably be in May – we are that busy until then – so if you are interested in pursuing the Love Dog therapy team, you do need to complete the Pet Partners process first. Contact sue@lovedogadventures.org to get all the details. May will be here before you know it!