Another Love Dog benefit is shadowing and mentoring

The best way to determine if a facility, school, environment or population is right for you and your animal is to shadow an experienced team. New Love Dog handlers can accompany a working therapy team without their own animal and see exactly what it is like in a variety of assignments. Benny will have someone come along with him tomorrow to one of his favorite places. He loves having people watch him work!



UNLV School of Medicine is a Love Dog Partner


Our partnership with the UNLV School of Medicine is flourishing.  The students visit with the Love Dogs on a regular basis and experience tremendous stress-relief and joy.   Today was such a fun visit and we want to thank Loki, Kobe, Willow and Petey for doing such a good job!


Another college visit

Four Love Dogs spent a few hours with the most wonderful students at UNLV today. It was supposed to be a small group, but once word spread that the Love Dogs were back, the room soon filled up! We saw several students we knew from previous visits, and met so many new friends.

Thank you Helen and Rosie, Cathi and Willow, Leslie and Kobe, Samantha and Diane and of course Petey for creating such a worthwhile afternoon.Another college visit

Love Dog annual celebration

Our Love Dog Adventures teams get together regularly throughout the year, but we also gather for our Annual Meeting and celebration. The turnout this year was remarkable and we had such a good time meeting everyone and sharing our experiences as therapy teams.

We discussed 2017 and all of our partnerships,. and what we have planned for 2018.

Thank you everyone for giving so fully and making a difference each and every time you work with your pets.

Love Dog Adventures recognizes Jill and Cedar

Our Love Dog Spirit Award this year was awarded to a very special team, Jill and Cedar. We sadly lost Cedar recently, but she and Jill worked for many years with the most challanged youth. Their dedication to their “kids” was recognized and celebrated and Jill was very touched by the memory book created for them. It featured their work over the years and brought everyone to tears.

Dante is on the way to therapy dog

Dante is the most beautiful cattle dog, a heeler. He also happens to be blind. He has begun his journey to Pet Partners therapy dog and we will follow his progress. Pay close attention to the position of his leash as this is one of the means of communication between Dante and his wonderful human at the other end of the leash.



Meet the Real Petey

Petey will be pawtographing his book on Saturday, February 10 at The Wagging Tail in Summerlin from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Come Meet the Real Petey and support our animal assisted therapy program. For every book sold, one will be donated. Every child who meets Petey should have his book in their hand!

Location: 10170 W. Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV 89135



Dante begins his therapy dog journey

Pet Partners requires the animal to have lived with or known the handler for at least six months to be evaluated. This is Dante. He was adopted three weeks ago and has begun his journey to Love Dog. The six months will go quickly and he will hopefully be ready to volunteer for our summer programs! His handler will attend a spring Handler Workshop and take him to the next step to become a Love Dog. That is the goal.

Dante is blind and learning with different techniques and just so smart! We will follow his progress but even after a first training session, we can see how quickly he learns and retains what he has learned and his owner is going to be a wonderful volunteer at the other end of the leash!

Good job!


The next Pet Partners Handler Workshop

The February 11 Pet Partners Handler Workshop has only two seats left … if you wish to get into this course, contact right away so you have time to register and prepare for the class.

The next Handler Workshop will be on April 8. This is the required course to become a Pet Partners therapy team and then we work with you to go even further to become part of our Las Vegas affiliate Love Dog Adventures!

The work we do goes far beyond visiting and changes lives daily. Be a part of this amazing work harnessing the power of handler and animal — dogs and cats!