Thank you Cedar

We have sad news to share today. Cedar was adopted by Jill as a senior Dachshund and perhaps five years was far more than anyone expected her to be with us. But five years is not nearly enough to have this special little dog in our lives. She passed away yesterday.

Jill and Cedar became a Love Dog team in their first year together and have volunteered for four years. They were such an important part of the lives of the youth they worked with and will be deeply missed. They changed the life of one young man in particular and we know he will miss his little friend greatly.

Cedar worked with many populations and attended colleges and events, but it was her work with multiply challenged youth that set her apart. Thank you Jill for all your years of dedication and we look forward to having you mentor new teams so they can carry on Cedar’s legacy.


Benny is back in the gym

Benny has a new gym partner and the next several weeks will be so rewarding for all of us. We are working with two therapists and the most wonderful client. And after just one session, they could see the value of having such a skilled dog as part of their therapy. The client is working on several issues so we tried a variety of things to not only bring about a therapeutic result, but to inspire and motivate. At one point we went for a walk and the client walked towards Benny. Benny loves doing this and knows how to back up and wait. I do believe the client walked further because the reward at the end of the hallway was the little dog’s hug! And for Benny, the reward was seeing his new friend smile.

Thank you Microsoft

Thank you to Microsoft for the wonderful opportunity to meet your employees and partners. We hope everyone enjoyed meeting the Love Dogs and we so appreciate being part of your GIVE campaign. Please know that every dollar goes directly to serve our clients and we are just so proud of all of our volunteer teams who work so hard to bring the healing power of the animals to the Las Vegas community.

Petey’s new schedule

As Petey slows down a bit, we reviewed everything he did and everywhere he visits. Petey specializes in working with mental health clients so we are fortunate because in that environment he is only permitted to sit on my lap or be held by me. We do all sorts of creative assisted holds and petting but he stays very close to me and is never put down on the floor etc. This works exceptionally well now as he ages and he still just loves meeting everyone and being fawned over.

Our favorite nursing students

The Love Dogs support the Chamberlain School of Nursing and visit regularly to help the students get through their frequent exam cycle. So many of our partners are asking for more frequent visits as they see the benefits of having the Love Dogs on the premises as often as possible.



Even clowns need comforting sometimes

We visited the Cirque du Soleil offices today and it was a great break for all of us. Five dogs showed off their special talents – some may be offered jobs! When we visit in offices and walk the dogs from person to person, we find the smaller dogs work especially well. Everyone got a hug from Brittany, Pumpernickel. Kobe, Petey and Benny! And everyone got to be a clown for the day!

Thank you Love Dogs (and cats!)

I want to give a shout out and great big thank you to all the Love Dogs teams who have donated over 400 hours of volunteerism since October 1. This recognizes those teams going to new places as well as those serving our established commitments.

Nothing is “normal” now so every visit is a challenge and we appreciate the great effort you have all been giving to heal our community.




Love Dogs (and cats!) helping with recovery

Love Dog Adventures has been privileged to assist in the healing since the horrific attack on our city. Wherever we have been requested, we have gone. And when Fox 5 News invited us to spend the day with them in their television station to aid their staff and reporters, we also brought Dallan, one of our therapy cats. Here is a clip of Dallan’s debut on television!

Back to our regular work for the day!


Our presentation at PIMA went beautifully, thanks to Michele, Liza, Diane, Helen and all the dogs! Michele does such an excellent job of explaining how we harness the power of the animals into occupational therapy and we were able to demonstrate different modalities with the teams.

I know the students learned a lot, we learned a lot and the dogs had a great time!